In The Beginning...

Project Mustard Seed was born out of a desire to harness the tremendous benefits of offshore wind power. Successful implementation of a wind power system would offer the added benefit of economically boosting regions around the Great Lakes like Cleveland, OH.

To kick start this project we began a feasibility study to determine if a freshwater wind farm system could be successfully implemented on a budget of as little as $14,000. In addition to the expected technical challenges, the study uncovered serious legal and regulatory hurdles to be addressed prior to construction.

Project Mustard Seed has three main objectives:
  1. Develop the essential knowledge and expertise necessary to implement an integrated renewable energy system on relentless waters the likes of Lake Erie
  2. Be the first in the world to implement a freshwater wind farm, and the first U.S. offshore wind farm
  3. Collect data from and actively monitor rig, to validate predictions of performance