Present and Future Developments

It was predicted that the rough waters of Lake Erie might bend up and damage the rig, but the structure and ropes would hold together, and allow for retrieval of a single system with watertight hard drives for onboard data. But its outright disappearance was very much a surprise. There was no evidence of its presence, not even underwater. We know this because we designed and sent down an underwater camera to the bottom of Lake Erie and found nothing.

Still, the technology and experience from Project Mustard Seed will prove valuable the next OMS projects. Key examples include:

Should we implement another offshore wind farm project, then- in light of the outright disappearance- additional measures will be put in place to ensure at least some piece of the rig stays put no matter what!

Wind farm test rig measurements confirmed high windspeeds from the rig, and sustainable power output. And let's not forget: clearly Lady Bessie is pleased with offshore wind power; she ate it right up.