Operation Mustard Seed (OMS) explores current ideas about sustainable energy, and develops enabling technologies of the most promising.

Operation Mustard Seed was so named because, like a mustard seed, our origins and budget (~$2k-15k in procurements/yr, volunteer labor) have been comparably modest against larger ($1B+) public, private and public-private partnership projects. Also, some portion of all cutting-edge technology projects will fail to achieve the potential envisioned in their creation, just as a seed that does not land onto fertile soil might not bear fruit. But like a tiny seed that lands onto fertile soil and grows to bear fruit, some projects will go on to realize or even exceed their objectives.

Outputs from our efforts get realized in such forms as:

  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Spin-off businesses offering resulting product or services
  • Open-sourcing
  • Individual skills and experience associated with addressing project needs
  • Expanded capabilities to further support current and future OMS projects
  • Inspiring and encouraging current and future innovators to take small risks, that might reap big rewards
  • Investment and business partnership opportunities

OMS started when we put our toe in the water of offshore wind farm technology by launching Project Mustard Seed, a small scale, test wind farm in Lake Erie. This stands as the world’s first freshwater wind farm. This project involved cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard, Cleveland State University affiliates, a seasoned Lake Erie captain, and a dozen volunteers from Northeast Ohio.

About the Founder

Engineer Pat Cleary founded OMS in 2009 to organize efforts in developing sustainable energy technology. Partners, volunteers and afffiliates come and go depending on individual interests in each project, but Cleary predominately leads the design and management.

Cleary has held leadership postions in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Cleveland chapter, and regularly participates in local technical and entreprenurial meetups. In support of OMS projects he founded OMS Technologies, LLC, which provides composite part manufacturing services. He holds a B.S. from Ohio State University and M.S. from Cleveland State University.